Adding a soundscape

Thanks to Phill at Satsymph, I now have a first pass at a soundscape in virtual Avebury; wind sounds, skylark, buzzard, wolf and roe deer – wonderful! Here is a video of a short walk with the soundscape playing, and I’ve also been experimenting with waving grass, as it didn’t seem quite right to have wind sound and no movement in foliage. As a first pass I’m pleased with how this is looking – still lots to do though. More stones are also starting to appear as I get to grips with Blender, but I’m still very unhappy with the textures on the stones, so still got a way to go with that, I think. I’ve signed up for a 5 week 3D modelling course on FutureLearn this week, so hoping to make faster progress as a result of that!

As a technical footnote, I’m using this blog as the streaming service for the media stream to Kitely, so you can hear the soundscape .wav file by clicking on the player below.

2 thoughts on “Adding a soundscape

  1. denyseking

    This, is fascinating! I haven’t had a chance to read each post in full yet, but have enjoyed watching your videos. The soundscape makes such a difference to the / my experience.



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