Monthly Archives: March 2016

Digging the ditch

I’ve started terraforming the ditch – a big thank you to my colleague Aaron Griffiths in New Zealand for creating a greyscale map and sinking the first shallow ditch – makes it much easier for me to deepen an existing dent than have to measure the whole thing out from the start!

Construction starts

I’ve just begun the planning and the construction of the virtual┬ásimulation of Avebury Henge as it might have looked around 2,300 BCE. I say might, because no-one knows for sure! I’ll be drawing on as much evidence and archaeological interpretation as I can to try to make it reasonably authentic as I build it in a virtual world platform called Kitely, which uses OpenSimulator as the platform. This video is a record of how the environment looks right at the beginning of the project and I’m planning to create a video diary of progress, so hopefully it will look very different in the future!